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Initial Evaluation

A licensed physical therapist will evaluate your problem with strengh, range of motion, balance and specialized musculoskeleton testing. The therapist will establish a plan of care and home program to help you decrease pain, manage your symptoms and regain function. Evaluations typically last 45-60 minutes. (Price $150+)


  • This is not a comprehensive list. Please ask your therapist about other services and programs.
  • Treatment sessions usually last 60 minutes and cost may vary.
  • We are contracted providers with Medicare, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Unitedhealthcare, Cigna, Workers’ Compensation, and many more. Please contact our office today for more information.





Therapeutic/Kinetic Excercise(per 15 minutes)


Supervised exercise session to improve range of motion, strength, balance & functional impairments specific to your condition.

Manual Therapy(per 15 minutes)


Joint & soft tissue mobilization to decrease pain, muscle spasm & restore range of motion. Also includes biomechanical correction for joint dysfunction.

Gait Training(per 15 minutes)


Assessment of gait mechanics and applied techniques to correct dysfunction and improve gait pattern.

Aquatic Exercise(per 15 minutes)


Therapeutic exercises in a gravity-eliminated environment. (Our warm water pool) Excellecnt pain relief for patients who cannot tolerate land-based exercise.

Neuromuscular Re-ed(per 15 minutes)


Retrains muscle to normalize function.

Ultrasound/Phonophoresis(per treatment area)


Promotes healing, decreased muscle pain and spasm by increasing circulation.

Electrical Stimulation


Assist with muscle re-education, inflammation and pain control.

Traction (mechanical)


Relieves joint compression, muscle spasm and pain.

Iontophoresis(per treatment area)


Delivery of steroidal medication by electrical stimulation for accute inflammation.

Hot Pack/Cold Pack

No Cost

To assist with muscle relaxation and inflammation control.

Pilates Session


Private Pilates session with a licensed physical therapist on our Balanced Body equipment.

Pilates Session


Private Pilates session with our staff Pilates instructor on our Balanced Body equipment.



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