What to Do About Your Balance Disorder

Balance issues are a common complaint among the elderly. Along with low muscle mass, they’re a major cause of falls and fractures. 

However, being dizzy and unsteady on your feet are symptoms that can occur at any age. Low blood pressure, high blood pressure, stroke, neuropathy, infections of the ear, and certain medications can lead to balance issues. 

To determine the root of your symptoms, you may need to see several specialists and undergo several tests, including hearing tests, eye movement tests, imaging tests, and blood pressure tests.

If you've already received your diagnosis and are struggling with day-to-day activities, read on. Below, our team at Momentum Physical Therapy explains how you can ease your symptoms and improve functionality.

Easing the symptoms of a balance disorder with physical therapy 

After examining your joints, muscles, eyesight, and positional awareness, our specialists develop an exercise program that enables you to become more independent. 

The goal of physical therapy is to improve body awareness and increase muscle strength and mobility. If you’re suffering from neuropathy, regular exercise can reduce your blood sugar levels and prevent further nerve damage.

If you’re recovering from surgery, you can speed up your recovery with the help of physical therapy by strengthening the muscles that tend to atrophy with prolonged rest. 

Physical therapists can also teach you how to compensate for your balance disorder by moving your head and body in a certain way. Over time, you learn how to use your other senses to compensate for a damaged vestibular system. 

How to enhance the effects of physical therapy 

Physical therapy works best when doctors treat the root cause of a disorder. For example, if high blood pressure is causing your dizziness, keeping your blood pressure under control will help. Or if you’re diabetic, you may benefit from a diet lower in refined carbohydrates, which reduces your blood sugar levels and helps prevent nerve damage.

Often, patients must collaborate with several medical specialists to see an improvement in their symptoms. 

Get physical therapy with us in Los Angeles, California

Balance disorders are often associated with depressive episodes and anxiety. Some people become sedentary due to the fear of falling down, and this can worsen balance disorders by causing muscle atrophy. 

Under the guidance of our experts at Momentum Physical Therapy, you’ll learn how to compensate for your balance disorder and improve your life quality. Contact us to schedule an appointment and find out if physical therapy is a good fit for your health goals.

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