Understanding APPI Pilates

Understanding APPI Pilates

Created in the early 1920s by trainer Joseph Pilates, Pilates is one of the most popular fitness systems worldwide. The initial goal of the system was to strengthen and heal injuries experienced by soldiers during wartime. However, it’s now used for weight loss and recovery alike. 

Today, there are several types of Pilates systems, but the basic principles of Pilates have been preserved. 

APPI Pilates is a method created by two psychotherapists with the intention of boosting motor skills by improving muscle strength, coordination, and balance.

Our specialists at Momentum Physical Therapy use APPI Pilates to help patients recover from injuries and surgeries, manage diseases, and prevent or manage physical disabilities. Read on to find out how APPI Pilates is different from the other types of Pilates. 

APPI Pilates 101 

Pilates has 6 core principles: concentration, control, centering, flow, precision, and breathing. 

So what makes APPI Pilates different? APPI is taught to physiotherapists, not fitness trainers, for clinical purposes. Specialists who have an APPI qualification must also have qualifications in either sports medicine, physiotherapy, or osteopathy. 

With APPI Pilates, you won’t only strengthen your body, but you’ll also learn how to become more aware of your body’s movements and your breathing patterns. 

APPI Pilates focuses on rehabilitating areas of your body that are in pain rather than ignoring those areas. For example, if your lower back hurts, you may do your best to avoid using those muscles, which eventually leads to muscle loss and imbalances in the body. Under the guidance of an APPI Pilates specialist, you’ll rehabilitate painful areas and make day-to-day activities easier.

APPI Pilates uses 

Our specialists use APPI Pilates with great success for the following:

APPI Pilates can also be of great use to professional athletes, as it can prepare the body for higher intensity activities and reduce the risk of injuries. 

Find out if APPI Pilates is a good fit for you 

Our specialists at Momentum Physical Therapy offer a number of rehabilitation techniques, including private Pilates sessions and aquatic therapy. 

If you have issues such as pain, poor balance, and low muscle mass, or if you’re recovering from an injury or surgery, contact us to schedule an appointment. Upon a close examination, our specialist can recommend a personalized recovery program.

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