The Unique Benefits of Aquatic Therapy

The Unique Benefits of Aquatic Therapy

When you’re trying to overcome the pain and limitations that come with musculoskeletal damage, physical therapy can play an enormous role. If you think this means jumping on a treadmill or sitting down at a weight machine and soldiering through the pain, think again. Aquatic therapy is a gentle yet highly effective approach to regaining pain-free movement.

At Momentum Physical Therapy, Tanya Balakrishnan, MPT, and Kelly Masuda, PT, DPT, offer a wide range of rehabilitative services to patients throughout the Los Angeles, California area. We offer advanced physical therapy techniques, including in-home aquatic therapy in the comfort of your own pool.

To give you an idea about how effective this approach to strengthening and healing can be, we outline just a few of the many benefits of aquatic therapy.

Relieving the pressure

When it comes to conditions like orthopedic injuries or joint pain, our goal is to reduce the burden of your beleaguered joint and/or tissues. By suspending you in water, we’re able to minimize the impact and pressure of land-based exercises, allowing you to strengthen your damaged tissues without added and excessive forces.

Less pain

Since we're able to avoid excessive forces in your body through aquatic therapy, you often experience less pain and discomfort during your rehab. The aquatic environment can also help boost circulation while reducing inflammation which soothes your body and leads to less discomfort. 

To illustrate this, one study that included people with osteoarthritis in their lower limbs found that water-based exercise decreases pain and increases function in the short term and at the one-year mark.

Resistance training at its best

One of the primary goals of physical therapy is to strengthen the tissues surrounding any damage, which helps to better support your injury or failing joints. Water provides the perfect amount of resistance, allowing you to strengthen and tone as you would on land with reduced impact and risk of further injury.

Promotes flexibility

When you’re in the water, your body is more buoyant and better able to move. This allows us to concentrate on flexibility and range of motion, which are very important aspects of physical therapy.

A great solution for all levels

Aquatic therapy is a fantastic solution for all levels of physical therapy and we can easily tailor your program to your unique needs. Whether we’re sitting in the shallow end and doing simple knee bends or we’re off in the deep end practicing more advanced shoulder movements, aquatic therapy is a great solution for anyone who needs physical therapy.

The comforts of your own home

Since we come to your home to guide you through aquatic therapy, you don’t have to disrupt your life to get to our office. This not only saves time, but you may be more relaxed in your own surroundings, which can help accelerate your physical therapy.

The bottom line is that aquatic therapy is a great approach for anyone who needs physical therapy. If you want to learn more or you’d like to schedule aquatic therapy at your house, please contact our Sawtelle area office in Los Angeles.

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