The Many Benefits of Aquatic Therapy

Do you enjoy spending time in a heated pool? Water is a fun environment where you can recover from injuries and prevent complications from degenerative conditions. 

Water’s buoyancy reduces pressure on your joints and spine, making it easier for you to move around. However, the benefits of aquatic exercise don’t end there. Read on to find out why our experts at Momentum Physical Therapy use aquatic therapy for their patients in Los Angeles, California.

Reduced swelling 

It’s nearly impossible to exercise with a swollen limb. However, in a heated pool, not only will you experience less pressure on your joints, but the water will also help reduce swelling. The gentle pressure of the water can redistribute fluid from the injury site throughout your body.

Less pain 

Water buffers and slows down movements, which can reduce your chances of experiencing pain throughout the session. Warm water also reduces the tension in your muscles, and it can help prevent muscle spasms. 

Improved range of motion 

Range of motion is crucial for recovery, but if you have balance issues, you may not be able to exercise in a gym setting. When you’re in the water, you can’t fall and injure yourself, even if your movements aren’t smooth.

Faster progress 

If you want to use a gym to recover from your injuries or stall the progression of your degenerative disease, you may have to wait until your condition improves. For some people, gym exercises are too difficult, but aquatic therapy is easier on the body and allows you to begin the recovery earlier than on land.

Strength building

You don’t need to lift heavy to build muscle. Water-resistance encourages muscle growth without the need for weights or expensive equipment. 

Aquatic therapy also has protective effects on joints. Many people who use weights on land end up experiencing joint pain, but that’s not the case for people who opt for aquatic therapy.

Conditions and injuries that respond well to aquatic therapy

Aquatic therapy is relaxing, as sessions are done in a heated pool, and you don’t need to know how to swim to take advantage of it. Aquatic therapy aids with the following:

Whether you’re suffering from a degenerative condition or looking for a fun, joint-friendly way to recover from an injury, contact us to schedule an appointment. Our team at Momentum Physical Therapy is happy to explain how aquatic therapy works and help you decide if it’s right for you.

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