Recovering From Joint Replacement

If you’ve been suffering from arthritis or other conditions that cause stiffness and chronic pain in the joints, surgery is a relief. Although replacing a damaged joint with an artificial piece will help reduce some of the symptoms, it’s important to follow a recovery program to regain full functionality. 

To familiarize you with joint replacement recovery, we asked our experts at Momentum Physical Therapy to explain why physical therapy is important for recovery, as well as what it entails.

Lowering your risk for joint damage 

It’s not uncommon to have joint replacements for more than one joint, so you may want to work with a specialist to reduce your risk of having other joints replaced in the future. 

Most joint damage is caused by wear and tear and autoimmune diseases. When you have an autoimmune disease, your immune system attacks your healthy cells instead of attacking bacteria and viruses. 

Currently, researchers don’t know why autoimmune diseases are on the rise, but they do know that autoimmune diseases are more likely to occur in people who take certain medications, smoke cigarettes, are obese, or are exposed to toxic chemicals.

Why physical therapy is recommended after joint replacement

Surgeons often recommend physical therapy after joint replacement. Building strength and functionality in your joint is the fastest route to a complete recovery. Here’s what benefits physical therapy brings:

Physical therapy can also teach you exercises that will help keep you active and healthy for years to come, even after the recovery is over. 

Treatments available for recovering from a joint replacement 

Depending on your complaints, comorbidities, and the type of joint that you had replaced, our staff at Momentum Physical Therapy may recommend manual therapies, pain-reducing therapies, and strength-building exercises.

If you’ve been experiencing significant pain after surgery, there’s a solution for you as well: Exercising in a heated pool reduces pain and lessens the pressure put on your joints during a workout, allowing you to participate in physical therapy in the early stages of recovery as well.

Recover from your joint replacement with us in Los Angeles

Are you nervous about starting a physical therapy program? Our staff will guide you through all the treatment options available and put together a customized program tailored to your individual needs. Contact us to schedule an appointment and start your healing journey.

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